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Portfolio 8 

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Loading rail cars at an inland grain terminal
Father and son in a maturing barley field
A man looks out from between two grain storage bins
Rail cars being loaded at an inland grain terminal
Hands holding oats temporally stockpiled outside
An auger stockpiles oats during the harvest
A combine harvests canola among wind turbines
A farmer checks his canola crop/ grain bins in the background
A man looks out over a maturing wheat field
A train carrying containers passes a canola field and inland grain terminal
A man looks outwards as grain is stored in the background
A man walks towards cultivating equipment in a field of grain stubble
A man looks out over massively flooded road and farmland
Canola and wheat patterns and sky with cirrus clouds
A man looks out over a barley field
Rail hopper cars at an inland grain terminal
Stockpiled oats being collected
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